So Very Far & Wa-a-ay BEYOND ‘wool-pulling’, ‘hoodwinking’ & being someone’s ‘Fool’….

“Tell us about a time when someone had you completely fooled, where the wool was pulled right over your eyes and you got hoodwinked, but good. Was it a humorous experience or one you’d rather forget? What was the outcome?”


i have debated putting this into words for five months now.  but when you write something down or say it out loud, it becomes ‘REAL‘.  once you ‘put it out there’, onto the Universal Tides…. there’ll be no taking it back.  no big eraser.  no big ‘DELETE‘ button hovering in the sky.  not even briefly, like Amazon, for those ‘accidental’ purchases.

still not sure that this is even remotely related as a second-cousin-twice-removed from a ‘good idea‘.

regardless that my sleep has been optional;  my mind unrepairable in this last break with Reality, my Soul tormented without rest before i’ve even reached the stoop of Hell itself….

Bottom of DeadMan Pass

Bottom of DeadMan Pass

i’m just not quite sure that i’m ready to accept this as being ‘REAL‘.  i’m not certain that, just this one time, i might not just ‘CHOOSE‘ to live with this as a never-ending Nightmare.  there might be a breath of a  chance, that over time, Years perhaps (but most likely Decades) when this would eventually fade into questionable doubt that it ever really happened.

it could happen….

don’t you think?

Fancy Drivin', Ma!! but Rosi & I'd like to open that 50 year old bottle of Cognac you were saving, PLEASE!

Fancy Drivin’, Ma!! but Rosi & I’d like to open that 50 year old bottle of Cognac you were saving, NOW PLEASE!

as is my nature, i made a half-hearted attempt in another social environ at my S.O.P. of humorously ‘venting’, ‘lashing out’, ‘slapping back’, ‘raging’ at the One that uprooted my meager Life that i was bemuddled in;  Forever destroying any Hope of taking up where i had left off, without anyone being aware that i had mistakenly left my corner, without somebody’s permission;  Dangling a ‘New Life’ in front of me like that Proverbial ‘Carrot’ then snatching it away, when i was most vulnerable and unable to catch myself as i fell without end down the White Rabbit’s Hole.

WoodPecker Wrecker @ DeadMan Pass, after 6.5 mile descent down 4200'.... WITHOUT BRAKES, in an over-loaded top-heavy 11,000 lb truck in 70 mph bumper to bumper Semi truck traffic.

WoodPecker Wrecker @ DeadMan Pass, after 6.5 mile descent down 4200’…. WITHOUT BRAKES, in an over-loaded top-heavy 11,000 lb truck in 70 mph bumper to bumper Semi truck traffic, with my 9 Animal Companions and all that was left of my 50 year World…. only to be Abandoned in the middle of America– without any Hope or Promise of a Home.

but then, i would be forced to use words like ‘Treachery’, ‘Lies & Liars’, ‘Deception’, ‘Ignorance’, ‘Naivety’, ‘Abandonment’, ‘Alone’, ‘Broken’, ‘Despair’, ‘Fear’, ‘Terror’, Loss’, ‘Manipulation’,’ Cruelty’, ‘Theft & Thieves’, ‘Betrayal’, ‘Destroyer of Life’, ‘Spiritual Rapist’, ‘False Hope’, ‘Emotional Vampyre’…..

these words do not in any manner encourage people to flock to one’s blog to read with anticipation…. matter of fact, one almost guaranteed probability will be sudden and permanent fall off of any hopeful candidate i ever  might’ve had for even a single-return-readership, thereby affecting self-imposed terminal execution of any lingering fantasy i may’ve had of becoming a paid, published writer, sometime in my life before my flame relieves me by it’s final waiver into total expiration……

it could happen….

don’t you think?






that pretty much says it all.

it’s settled then.


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Peace Go With You!  and Have Yourselves a fine & Groovi Day, My Friends!!


….not quite sure anymore, but–






* *Holy DukkSheit!!   i think….. i have just been SEEN….!?!? * *

Boundaries and Abuse.




Daily Prompt: Brilliant Disguise.

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17 comments on “So Very Far & Wa-a-ay BEYOND ‘wool-pulling’, ‘hoodwinking’ & being someone’s ‘Fool’….
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    • …after having Googled “Dolorous Blow”, the Only Question that i have in my possession is “Why?” and Even i Know that that’s not the Right Question…. making me a very Lost Fool- far beyond what i had originally imagined that i could be. How far, exactly, must this Wasteland extend into Forever?


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