Char*Kali Faeri Baby

one thing i found from personal experience (and that’s probably the subconscious reason why i surround myself with ‘Critts’….instead of “homo-NON-sapients”)

is that our Animal Companions are the only one’s that seem to instinctively know AND DO make themselves readily available for their Who-Man Companions, if they should need comfort and support!

Heartstone i found on the ground....

Heartstone i found on the ground….

Even though Kali’s heart  is confused & torn- ….look down…!

do you see that she puts aside her loss to give to You her Smile?  ch5Right there, on her tiny little lips, is her Gift to you-

cuz that’s what she HAS- and its MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH (be DAMMED what the upright apes think)!
And look again- you might’ve missed it, as its small, fast & almost goes unnoticed…. Don’t Miss it there!

That Smile ch7 she gives accompanied by her Purr-ful Lullaby,

will carry with it a fragment of her Heart hearts of blood she can’t Deny…. is it a wink, or a blink?

(i used to think, they merely closed their eyes from being so very ‘Cool’, but

Charlotte 3

Sweet Charlotte
~incomplete sketch~

i . was . so . very . wrong . again

about what i thought i saw just there…. )

It was a wince,  a crack into her pain.

You and I both know, that that is the most you could ever Hope to see that Deep into a cat’s Heart-

oh sure, they’ll make sure you know when they’re hungry or want in or want out.

but heartbreak, is something I’ve noticed that a cat just won’t talk about.

Charlotte 1 In Memory of Sweet Charlotte ~

dedicated to those that she left behind.  



Charlotte's portrait- complete

Charlotte’s portrait- complete



The Groovi-est, Purple-Beaded, Ever-Laughin', Dukk-Lovin', Barefoot, Dirt-Farmin', Hippi Chikki that you'll ever have the Sublime Pleasure to get to know!

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6 comments on “Char*Kali Faeri Baby
  1. chrissyfaery36 says:

    Oh wow!! Violet, thank you so, SO much!! I love it – you captured her spirit so perfectly!! *huge hugs* I’m going to print it and stick it on my pin-board! 🙂 Kali keeps sitting where Charlottes cage use to be, she seems happier, but we both still miss her! Love and blessings, Chrissy xxx


    • i’d wanted to send it to you finished, but was afraid to ask and embarrassed by the paper (thus my frantic search for the ‘good stuff’!). tech pencil and note paper does not lend itself to the smudging technique im fond of using in my sketches (but ‘Timing’ did not allow for my Perfectionism to win this time!). Sometimes ill pick a feature of prominence and zest it with prismacolor to bring it to the front of the Observers Mind. when i sketch, it is my Meditation, and i develop a relationship with my Muse. i have learned much about Charlotte by her Spirit she wears for all to see. i never got to KNOW her as you did, but ive had an introduction. my gift is the poem, the pix selected to represent my considerations and the sketch. im just sad you couldnt hold the finished product that ive become known for. And for me, the feature ive become fond of is Charlotte’s sensual lower lip, that i wouldve loved to give back to you as one Final Kiss from her with colorSplash being there!

      keep in mind- the sketch is not done, and neither is the Day!

      Peace, to Faeri
      from Nymph


      • chrissyfaery36 says:

        *hugs* I really love it, and I love that it’s on note-paper’s beautifully imperfect, like Charlottes long, unruly hair 🙂

        I can totally relate to creating art, being like a form of meditation too. It’s so wonderful when we connect with our creative spirit at that level 🙂

        I’d love to see more of your art. huge love, Chrissy xxx


      • P.M. on ‘Face’, Darlin’… 😉


  2. PS– it is NOT Finished until i’ve got my paper and colors back, and have had my way with Charlotte’s 2nd & 3rd most prominent features: her silver lock by her left ear and that crazy-ass cowlick on her “bum”!! 😉 (did i use the right word?)


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