Welcome To The Isle of MisFit Toys!

“So, pretty Groovi to do laundry down at the creek with the ducks”, you ask.  Well, let’s just back up about a hundred questions, to The First Question, for a moment, shall we:

“Where the Flock have you BEEN, Gyrl?!?!  Don’t you know how worried we’ve all been?!”

“Why, yes.  Incredibly apparent by the overwhelming amount of emails, snail~mails & phone messages I’ve received since I went offline (as I said I would) back in May”, she said, ever so snarkily.


Well, we made it.  Finally.  For the most part- I’d say we stand at 99% HOME.  (1% = TRUCK STILL TRAPPED IN HOSTILE ENVIRON, with regular promises, from more than one source, for it’s eventual rescue.)

In my absence, from YOU -my Beloved & Faithful ‘Stalkers’- I’ve taken a kazillion photos to document the passage of time for your pleasure & curiosity.

Oh, if only pictures could talk….  Winking smile

30 MAY 14

Flutterby- hunter- may 008 While I was off, doing this,

THIS was happening…. 019


1 JUNE 14

ABBI WAS DEAD, when he was rushed an hour to the north to the Avian I.C.U…. with ZERO CHANCE FOR SURVIVAL…. Life Support, Emergency surgery, 34 stitches, Punctured & Collapsed lung repaired, one long, never-ending fukkn day of crying hysterically -alone & out of my mind- and $1500—later….032





Half of my Family is now Gone….


….because of an irresponsible owner of a “domestic” pet out of control.



People, there is a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE ‘tween what I willingly accept from the Circle of Life in regard to the “Wildlings” we share this planet with, and the so-called domesticated beasts allowed to destroy indiscriminately –without accountability- another person’s Animal Companions.  How fukkn “civilized”  is that?  Really?023

Abbi takes a quiet moment to reflect upon the Great Loss of Those that were Murdered without Mercy or Repentance….

<(*  )       ~ * ~      (  *)>


Gallifrey                                   8 June 13 – 30 May 14     R.I.P.

Morning Yoga....

EvilRosalita FrankenDukkula 1 April 12 – 30 May 14     R.I.P.

Ami DukkPond                 4 February 14 – 30 May 14     R.I.P.

Ami, Rori & Lillith 020

Rori Willems DukkPond  5 February 14 – 30 May 14     R.I.P.

<(*  )      ~ * ~       (  *)>

9 JUNE 14


A man I’ve known for no less than 22 years (‘Vulture’), rented a moving truck and hired a man to remove me, the remains of my family and what’s left of my life’s worth of possessions and memories from the hostile environ that we have long-suffered, and gave us A HOME!!


Back to the very same Island that my husband took me from, 14 years ago.

letter to chrissy 5 July 14 010


After 4 years, 1 month and 4 days….. I have a Home again  Open-mouthed smile

And ONE of the thousand Groovi things about it (cancel your afternoon plans, get a snack and a beverage, cuz I’m gonna tell you about ALL OF ‘EM!), is that it is a 10-room, Bigg-Kidd Tree House perched precariously OVER the edge of a ravine, hidden from Google Maps by the thickest canopy of thickly blanketed, moss-covered, fluorescent green fir, alder, cascara and maple old-growth forest that I can definitely confirm is inhabited by the Best Faeris in the Great Whyte Northe!!

letter to chrissy 5 July 14 012

And it is ALL MINE!

There is no electricity, and my water comes from the fresh-water Artesian Spring, approximately 100’ straight drop below my “Writing Room”  Open-mouthed smile

….but that is nothing, since I started Life (at age 16) on a mountain top in California, with the very same amenities, and I am quite adept at being Frontier~Gyrl, thank you very much!  Actually, I really rather prefer  to live like this, as it is Right in every way possible.

And, being the very Handy-Gyrl that I am, I just happen to have a power inverter, a marine battery, a 300 watt ‘genny’, 2 dozen solar lamps, the tiny woodstove I welded for my tipi & hunting trips (did I mention I am an excellent hunter, as well as Farm-Gyrl?), a half dozen head lamps that run off of dead AA batteries (this is not a typo nor a lie!!), 3 Groovi Coleman lanterns, etc., etc…..


(I am just warming up here!)

….did I also mention how cute I look barefoot, in a long tank dress, with braids and feathers in my hair, and a bigg-ass shit-grin on my previously despair-filled face?

*add long, curly hair Open-mouthed smile and braids to this emoticon*

In the past 2 months since I went off-line…. well, I’m having great difficulty remembering if I have ever been happier….

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh- before I proceed with the ‘photo album’ I’ve created for all of you to enjoy that is sitting over there on the tree-round footstool here on my open air ‘Summer Kitchen’ deck, I’ll pour you a glass of fresh-made sun tea (I have to walk across the dirt road into the clear cut to get to the sun to make it!), I’d like to throw in my ‘Acknowledgement Page’ of all that made it possible for me to endure thru the Pain, Despair & utter Defeat that I never thought I would Survive to be here with you today:

To My Best Friend, Chrissy Faery~ Thank You Dear-Heart FaeriGyrl for all of the LONG-HAND LETTERS, SKETCHES, PHOTOS & GIFTS OF CHEER THAT YOU MADE APPEAR IN THAT BEAT UP OLD MAILBOX DOWN ON THE PAVED ROAD, WITH MY NAME ON THEM!!  (Received the latest one just this morning with the Incredible photos of your freakily similar landscape!!  The Snail-Mail Man is bringing another your way soon!)FaeriGyrl 007

To My Special ‘Sista-From-Anutha-Mutha’, ‘Zip’sRide’: I check that old box each day, looking for that beach from P.R. that you ‘stole’ for my collection of un-travelled foreign lands!!  MISS YOU TERRIBLY!  Snail-Mail is the ‘New Black’ for this Gyrl however, so if you need me to repeat the addy, please lemme know Darlin’!  Being outta touch with you is Hard on my Humour, Babe- need a reboot, ASAP!!  (Or I’ll tell Mom what you did behind the barn last Friday with the Olson Twins!!  Winking smile  )

To my ‘Duck-Face-Friend’, Anne Richards (who doesn’t even know about my blog yet):  Your package of bone & joint support herbs joyful made their appearance in ‘the black box’, and have been faithfully added to my regime of recovery aids for the surgery I had last month to repair my shattered calcaneous!!  I am Grateful for Your Thoughtfulness, Kindness and Loving Generosity will never be forgotten, as I am walking like I own a brand new foot!! XOXOXOX !!

To My Favorite ‘Brutha-From-Anutha-Mutha’, William DeSimone (another ‘Face-Friend’ that may or may not be aware of my blog):

Yours was my Strength & Light, when I had none of my own.

(Where did you disappear to?! I haven’t been able to respond to your last inquiry from the night before my surgery…. I hope those evil bastards have not broke down your Fortress of Peace and gotten to You or Your Loved Ones!! Please Contact me!!)

(Violet ‘throws’ a Peace sign over her Heart, to her Brother on the Other Ocean)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


You were not forgotten…. will mention more of my Heroes again later- or I’ll never get to the photo tour I worked so hard to bring to You!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Telephoto shot of waterfall (future site of ‘Abbi’s Pond’) directly below my future ‘writing room’ at ‘ChickenHawk’s’ old cabin on The Island

kabin dux 011

MARCH 2014

‘MisFit Family Motel California’ Misfit Family Motel or Hotel California 003

Miss Lilli, HuggiBear and Ami & Rori DukkPond

Lillith's Egg Art 001013

By no means, was Salli a bullfrog, but she was still a very good Friend of mine….


I actually had my ‘ducks in a row’, one day….ducks 021Surprised smile


Spring Flowers at Kabin on the Isle 003Spring Flowers at Kabin on the Isle 004

Ravine floor….

Spring Flowers at Kabin on the Isle 015Spring Flowers at Kabin on the Isle 008

Skunk Cabbage

Spring Flowers at Kabin on the Isle 012Spring Flowers at Kabin on the Isle 024

Salmon Berry Blossom

Spring Flowers at Kabin on the Isle 028looking thru the Cedar Tree

telephoto shot of my cabin from the ravine floor.

Left: 3 covered deck levels;  center, foreground:  old classic outhouse (future coffee table or bathroom picture book I’m going to publish!!) that would’ve fallen into the ravine, except the railing is nailed to the tree, and it is resting on the the “Observation Deck” outside of my new ‘Writing/Art Room’ Winking smile;  BathTUB Room;  Massive Dining/Entertaining Room (hidden from view);  and finally, to the far right, with one of the slider doors out of it’s track, is MY MASTER BEDROOM!Spring Flowers at Kabin on the Isle 031

This cabin was built by an old biker/ Hippi I knew over 2 decades ago, and before his passing, he created this multi-level, 24 step, 10 room, 4 outbuilding Bigg-Kidd TreeHouse, that I would eventually inherit!  It was built completely with hand tools (no electrics, remember), and eventually fitted out to run 110 outlets, lights, EVERYTHING else civilized homes would have- all by ‘genny’ or pedal-powered means (Yes, Seymour- there IS an exercise bike on the lower deck that has a charging plug coming out of the front wheel/turbine!!!  Freakin’ Amazing!)  Being who I am, I went around the entire structure and found that it is built AROUND and WITHIN 15 trees as PART OF IT’S STRUCTURE!  Which can be both good and bad, depending on your point of view Winking smile Surprised smile Open-mouthed smileSpring Flowers at Kabin on the Isle 033View from the future site of Abbi’s Pond –before I cut the switchback trail and 34+ steps for my and the ducks access to our Artesian water supply.my WaterfallMy Waterfall

’Winter Fall’ that…. oh my garsh –I can walk under that one branch in the foreground, now!!Spring Flowers at Kabin on the Isle 046Spring Flowers at Kabin on the Isle 047Spring Flowers at Kabin on the Isle 048

my tree bridge that crosses ‘Audri’s Creek’…. and the Toll is a handful of ‘Dukk Cookis’, payable to the ‘Troll-Dukk’ that lurks nearby…. “QWAK!”  >(* )

Spring Flowers at Kabin on the Isle 054Spring Flowers at Kabin on the Isle 055


Spring Flowers at Kabin on the Isle 043


acclaimed for it’s uses by the local Natives to fight CANCER.

Spring Flowers at Kabin on the Isle 056Spring Flowers at Kabin on the Isle 057


APRIL 2014

Panhandle Day 1-1Panhandle Day 1-2

1st time I ever ‘PanHandled’.  Not comfortable with this activity- it took me 3 hours to work up the nerve to just hold the sign some ‘Street Kidz’ made for me, while I waited for my bus back to the Farm.

MAY 2014

Yates state park- Patricia Gilbert 001Yates state park- Patricia Gilbert 002

Mother’s Day, I ‘hitched’ for the first time in 30 years, and was picked up by a ‘Gyrl’ that said I saved her & her daughter’s Lives 3 times, and gave them a Home -TWICE- about 15-20 years ago.  Wow.  I am really a very Awesome Person!  Sad thing is- I barely remember these events, and only with the help of her stories.

Yates state park- Patricia Gilbert 003Yates state park- Patricia Gilbert 005

She bought a couple bottles of wine, and took me to a park on the other side of the Island where I used to live, and we had one of the Grooviest Days, I’ve had in a veeeery loooong time!

Yates state parkPatricia Gilbert 008 For those that don’t live on an ocean, this is a sea snail casing.  When sand gets inside a large sea snail shell, he makes ‘snail goo’ to keep it from irritating his tender flesh, and later extrudes it into to this long, leathery curly-cue, when it takes up to much of his ‘personal space’, leaving this strange curio behind on the beach for beachcombers to wonder at.  Or so my Grampa told me when I was a sea-imp…. so this could be pure Shit too Winking smile

Yates state parkPatricia Gilbert 018Yates state parkPatricia Gilbert 020

Sometimes, I really hate living in the Great Whyte Northe, but I surprise myself on other times when I realize….. I kinda Diggit, too!

Yates state parkPatricia Gilbert 027Yates state parkPatricia Gilbert 028

…On days like this! Yates state parkPatricia Gilbert 031

Yates state parkPatricia Gilbert 037Yates state parkPatricia Gilbert 044

For my woodworking Friends….

Yates state parkPatricia Gilbert 055 This is for You to Drool over!  (I did- for at least 2 dozen photographs!)

Okay…. for Those of You that Adore Weird Shit, like I do~

Flutterby- hunter- may 022

this Freaky FlutterBy landed on my shattered calcaneous 2 weeks before my surgery date….

Talk about your Butterfly Kisses, Right!

Audri is unable to sleep alone in her house DSCF2367

since the Day she watched her Family’s Murder….

She’s always watching me,

and cries & runs looking for me, when I get out of sight from her now.

Crying face

JUNE 2014

This * is * Freakin’ * Sad & Hilarious, at the same time….


For those that don’t know…. Safeway is selling clear-cut weeds (FoxGlove) for $6/gallon.  PLEASE- do not let Safeway take your money for this!!  Give it to me, instead.  I can get you better quality weeds, in a larger pot for the same tax-free $6- and you’d be helping a Friend feed her voracious ducks!  (I don’t think Safeway feeds their ducks at all….) Winking smile

3 JUNE 14

Pre-op appointment day at the county morgue…. I mean hospital!

whirligig- flower- runners- june 025whirligig- flower- runners- june 033

This entire sculpture moves with the wind in at least 20 different directions!

whirligig- flower- runners- june 044whirligig- flower- runners- june 027

I thought You understood how easy it is to entertain me….?

whirligig- flower- runners- june 054whirligig- flower- runners- june 050

Good Grief, BatMan….. where did the time go?!?!?  I gotta run and fetch the supplies I made this journey into the Village for, before my bus comes to take me back to the Island (to free my screaming Heathens from their lock-up so they can make their Pilgrimage to Their Private Pond below!)  Please watch for “Welcome To The Isle Of The MisFit Toys- Pt. 2” coming soon (I hope!)

Be Groovi & Be in Peace!


Swim with Abbi in the Sound 006


Open-mouthed smile

Swim with Abbi in the Sound 023

Pickering Passage of the Puget Sound with my very AbbiNorm L. Dukk


The Groovi-est, Purple-Beaded, Ever-Laughin', Dukk-Lovin', Barefoot, Dirt-Farmin', Hippi Chikki that you'll ever have the Sublime Pleasure to get to know!

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5 comments on “Welcome To The Isle of MisFit Toys!
  1. Wow! You are a survivor. Glad you found your dream home 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. InfiniteZip says:

    yes my twin, I have the magic sand. will try to gather a package and get my lazy ass to the postmaster to send it out:) was looking for a special bottle to put it in and did find one but needed a cork…need to drink wine, but theyve been coming my way with screwtop caps…ass hats…I need a cork:) I am so so so very excited to see your new digs:) sad about the family though:( will pop back in soon:)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Violet!!!! Yay! I’m SO happy for you!! 😀 Your new home in the forest is amazing, and you look so happy and free! I love the pictures in the lake!! 😀

    I’m so glad your feathery friend is on the mend now too, it’s a true miracle!! I’m so glad you’re on the mend as well, and can fully enjoy the wonders of your new home! The flora and fauna there are so gorgeous, especially the skunk cabbage, I’ve never seen anything like that before! 🙂 That butterfly is beautiful too, and huge! 🙂

    I’m so thrilled that things are looking up for you, you’re the best! 😀

    Love and hugs,

    Chrissy 😀 xxxx


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