Audri ‘Peaches’ DukkBurn

5Duck Decisions InARow 028

Our Sweet little “Peaches” was taken from us, 10 July 14, by the Wildlings, here on the Isle of MisFit Toys.

It was about the noon hour as she and Abbi were down in the ravine coming or going from/ to the pond that I built for them.  I know it was a Wildling becuz only a small pile of feathers marked the location of her abduction.  I tracked for an hour, but could find no other sign, which leads me to believe it was a mercifully quick end for her, or there would’ve been sign of further struggle.  Wildlings don’t leave corpses like “civilized”, domesticated pets (neighbor dogs) do, after their “play toy” stops moving and isn’t fun anymore.

I’m at Peace with this, as The Circle of Life claimed her to feed ‘coon kits, most likely.  Her Life was not WASTED in this manner.

Family Time 012

My Heart cries for the loss of her sweet smiling eyes, and her never-ending wagging tail of her little dukki delight.  I will miss her funny little “Beep-beep!” voice when she used to answer my call followed by the ploppity-plop of her tiny running feet on the boardwalk of the cabin, as she sought me out for cookis.  Although she was born into a loving mish-mash of orphans –her second “momm” being HuggiBear, the cat- she became Suspicious of everything new in her Life after the first in a series of vicious attacks began to target her Family.  This is why I was abit surprised that between Abbi & herself, she was the one that was taken.

Please take the time to enjoy a few of my favorite shots of Audri to remember with me a very big-hearted little girl that added so much to my Life, and now a very huge hole in my heart.


Hatched by Lillith, her Japanese Silki mother, on 1 November 13, and loved more fiercely by her surrogate momm than any natural born duckling ever could’ve been by it’s own birth mother.

Audri was raised by chickens, so she perched with her brothers just like any good 'Ch~Uck' would.

Go in Peace across the Rainbow Bridge, Little One- and wait for us there with the Family that has gone on before you.  I will miss the laughter you always brought when I watched you run….

Peaches smiles

2013-11-13 009

2013-11-09 007


The Groovi-est, Purple-Beaded, Ever-Laughin', Dukk-Lovin', Barefoot, Dirt-Farmin', Hippi Chikki that you'll ever have the Sublime Pleasure to get to know!

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3 comments on “Audri ‘Peaches’ DukkBurn
  1. InfiniteZip says:

    Awe, what a cutie she was. She is in the big duck pool in the sky having a blast by now:) sorry my friend again for your loss:(

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw! 😦 So sad, RIP darling!! She was such a sweetheart! Sending you the hugest *hugs* xxx


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