My Lips Arrested By His Kiss, He Sentenced Me To Life…. Writing POETRY!

1: The Rogue

Knowing you

For less than a day

Has been the most electric

Few hours I have felt

In a Time

Long traveled Alone.

Why do I feel that I know you?

Why does our Familiar Comfort

Feel Centuries old?


Do your lips

Just lie, becuz

They tell me exactly

What I’ve long waited to hear,

As a means to an undisputedly pleasant end?

You know, if you wanted to,

You could just leave here

Without breaking or taking my heart-

Nothing has to deviate

From the plans

Or the lives that we had

Before finding each other-

And let our spirits Forget

That they recognized its Other.

Is there really a need

To leave a void

Where a heart

Filled with ignorance

Would bear the loss much better?


Nothing will change

That I will feel

Your lips on mine

For days to come, long after

Your trail has grown cold

And I still smile, unconscious,

For the memory of

That One Moment shared,

And the endless fantasias

Of what could’ve been.

It would be so easy, you know,

Because the Rogue remained

Gentle Man, while

Your mad & tender kiss

Howled silent

For promise of more

Wild beyond my dreams.

It would be simple for me to pretend

Nothing more than a romance

With a traveling carnie

Of summer’s youth-

To be safely logged away

Into the journalled collections

Being jumbled to loss

Betwixt others both fanciful and real,

no longer discerned.

Such as it is,

I cannot recollect

All that might have transpired

Before, what combination of magic words

I had said to lead

To the spell

That you put me under, except

Your slow-motion lunge

To take some unknown Dare…

Millennia passed

As I denied

Then surrendered

To your counter-challenge

In the beat of a hummingbirds heart.

It could’ve merely

Been flirt and play,

Were it not for the Titans that clashed

In my logic, my body and the flood

Of lost wellsprings of my passion-

All forgotten by the unexpected

Cloud-soft touch of your lips

On mine,

Familiar, recognized…

Why does my body insist

That you are part of me-

Remembered from another Time?

Why do my lips insist

That they belong to yours?!

Perfectly matched

The contours; rhythmic

Ebb & flow passion’s

Flame incarnate.

Screaming at me to

‘Let go!’

So that memories can be remembered.

Close my eyes,

Step off the edge

Because you are the Promise

To catch me

Back into the Time & Place

Some Life ago

Right in the Where

That we left off

In the Past, Before.

I despair

For I already know

How this passion plays-

I have already seen

It’s sad end.

I beg ‘Mercy!’ of The Rogue-

Please do not offer this addiction.

The hard Truth is that

The memories you have re-awakened

Only promise to enslave

Me with unquenched passion-

As once will never be enough.

I’ll want it all.

I’ll want forever.

I’ll want it to never end.

And these are things

That are not mine

To even think

to want.

Be gentle

Sweet villainous Rogue-

May be best to leave

Me flushed & blushed

But not ravaged.

Because I am as Icarus

And you are my Sun-

The flight will be bliss to my wings…

But death

If this bird should touch you.

Oh, gods- you have no concept

Of how I want to die

Entwined in the mind-blowing fire

Of your eternal embrace.

The last thing I could but hope

To remember

Is our bodies becoming one

Inside skin- our hearts beating

As one Cosmic drum-

Our unified Essence- a Nova,

Infinite, begun.

You are my Muse, my Poem-

The Animal of my Spirit.

I am The Promise

That you won’t keep.

* and I am definitely your Fool. *

2: To You, For You, Because of You

If but for one instant

I relax my resolve & give in

to the wildfire

that you’ve set upon my heart;

I will become lost to your kiss;

I will not make

-but recreate-

love with you;

My Desires will take wing

like a flock of ducks

Startled, on the shore;

And inevitably after

When you leave my island, wild

to return to your river, rogue

All that will remain

Is the shell of myself

Like a discarded skin,

Because all that I was

And all I’ve become

Has been in preparation

In wait with anticipation

Of your arrival at my door

For my dreamed completion

And I Will have followed you home.

This half can now be whole.

3: Greater Than The Oz

You must be a great wizard

More powerful than The Oz

For you have stirred up,

scattered, shattered

completely turned me upside down,

And left my soul inside out

with just your amazing,

Incredibly addicting,



Black-hole borne kiss.

4: Poetic Kisses’ Muse

You have claimed me,

you have wrecked me,

you own me

with just one kiss.

You wonder how I can say this?


And you made yourself my Muse!

5: Finally Knowing WHY

Certain that you’ll think this just invented

But an epiphany I must confess

That these last few years

I’ve claimed the names of



‘The Girl Who Waited’

All the while never knowing why.

And yester’s flash of brilliance told

That the reason would be you.


and my Wait is finally thru.

6: Again, WithOut End

Every thought & memory

Of the kiss whose end

brings too deep regret

Drives my mind to fantasy

Of the Grail Divine.

The Bliss of Promised Nirvana

Imagined over & again

Always ends the same

With premature howling,


Tectonics rush the body,

And the gasp & quiet breath of ‘sigh…’

Yet before the final quiver passes

This junkie’s lust demands it to repeat

And so, remember it once more.


Replayed again.

And again without end.

7: Gateway’s Nymph

NO!! I can’t!

You are The Gateway Drug

To Ecstasy

by means of Blissful sex of Nymphs.

Barely able to resist your tasty offers

Now numbered as one more Soul Lost

For there’s no known treatment

for one who succumbs to you

So I will surely be the first to fall

In a war with frigid turkeys

As your champion, true.

Twelve hours since I crawled away-

Twelve hours & still stoned on you…

* Inspired (in part) and dedicated to my dear new Friend,

Alienora Browning-Taylor,

and of course, lest we forget- The Rogue *


The Groovi-est, Purple-Beaded, Ever-Laughin', Dukk-Lovin', Barefoot, Dirt-Farmin', Hippi Chikki that you'll ever have the Sublime Pleasure to get to know!

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3 comments on “My Lips Arrested By His Kiss, He Sentenced Me To Life…. Writing POETRY!
  1. alienorajt says:

    These are brilliant, Violet; I really enjoyed reading them – and thanks so much for the dedication. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. InfiniteZip says:

    What an excellent morning read Violet☺️ You write such lovely words filled with passion, I think it’s a trend that should continue. Bravo sis😊

    Liked by 1 person

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